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MtGox gone – why its good news for bitcoin

I read this in a Skype Room for my Bitcoin Social Network … then had a great chat with a couple of Skype contacts about it. Read on and enjoy the bitcoin news.

Bitcoin Leader MtGox is Gone

As you might have heard, MTGox (ex leading marketplace) went out of business. This might sound like bad news, but we see it as a good news for bitcoin. and here is why

Why is This Good News for Bitcoin

  1. Mtgox issues are nothing new to the market. If you are following the scene, you know that they stopped payouts over a year ago and their troubles were long anticipated and already included in the bitcoin price index. They are already replaced by the promising marketplaces such as Coinbase, Bitstamp and Btc-e. So nothing new here really.

  2. A lot of people worried that Mtgox was dragging the btc price down which is true. Finally after it is officially closed, there is no more concern about it. The price will start rising.

  3. Low bitcoin price is a good opportunity to buy bitcoins cheap. This is probably the cheapest bitcoins you will see this whole year! take advantage!

  4. A lot of newbie traders when they hear bad news they start a “panic sell”. Should I Panic Sell ? Here is the answer http://shouldipanicsell.com/ In short, where most people see negativity, the rich people see opportunity. Most world riches were made during the time of crisis.

Have You Joined My Bitcoin Social Network Yet?

Some people think you have to invest hundreds of thousands to get involved with Bitcoin and start to acquire it. This is not the case when you can get started for a very low risk of just $12 and let it grow as the community grows. I feel that everyone shold be able to acept bitcoin, especially business people. Every entrepreneur should have a bitcoin account to be able to recieve bitcoin payments … IMHO. If you need help getting started either with bitcoin or set up with a Coinbase wallet to be able to be paid in bitcoin, please skype me here. That link is my Skype contact buttons and Skype resources. Please leave a text IM message first. No calls on skype with out appointment please.

…but back on topic…

Is the loss of MtGox Bitcoin a Problem?

Bitcoin is limited. Thats what insures its value. Only 21 Million bitcoin can ever be mined or created, and we are not there yet, by the way. Some feel this permanent loss of bitcoin is a problem. One Skype contact of mine said this …

One of the fundamental problems of bitcoin though is its inability to create new currency when the old currency is taken out of circulation. With the bankruptcy of mtgox it actually takes another 750,000 bitcoins out of circulation artificially inflating the price until the market realizes that their currency has been cut in half and so has the market availability.

My Response: Bitcoin is Infinitely Divisible

… interesting point Joshua. Thanks for that thought. But doesn’t this increase the value of bitcoin? and this is a good thing, the value is down now and a good time to get some. And doesn’t the fact that bitcoin is infinitely divisible solve that scarcity issue really?

… oh and the skype chat continued and gets interesting…

My highly intelligent and skilled online blogger expert friend Joshua said to me on Skype:
“Its actually similar to the US currency issues we have. When we destroy currency there isn’t enough in circulation we create artificial inflation to compensate but eventually it will collapse. Because there isn’t enough currency in circulation to actually pay the debts out there.”

Inflation, Fiat Currency vs Bitcoin

Yes, interesting. From what I understand, its the creation of currency from nothing, backed by no value. That causes inflation. Thats why I love bitcoin. It could turn out to be an alternative to save us from this endless inflation and potential collapse of so many global currencies.

Every Entrepreneur Should Have Bitcoin as a Payment Option …

Every entrepreneur should have a bitcoin account to be able to receive bitcoin payments … IMHO. I love it when people think Bitcoin is fiat… its not. What they call money is truly backed by nothing … except debt. That is fiat currency. Bitcoin is backed by real value. Its limited, more like Gold and Silver, and as long as its used for payments and accepted by merchants and businesses it has value. yes its value will be volatile at times, and I understand value will stabilize when all 21 Million are mined. Meantime, many are trading in bitcoin volatility.

I like getting small bits of bitcoin, even $2 or $3 worth, as part of my bitcoin community here … its a good thing and it cant hurt to acquire bitcoin at so little risk, right?

Funding Union

Want Some Bitcoin? Get Started With Just $10 in Bitcoin ….

which We Help Fund You!

You may have landed here because you are curious about FundingUnion and you may not know what Bitcoin even is yet. What IS bitcoin? Read this and watch the video that first impressed me to take Bitcoin very seriously.

Do you know, that the most common reason I get from people why they have not started with Bitcoin is they think its too expensive or hard to get?


We have the solution! We can now help people get started with a bitcoin wallet setup step by step and help them fund it with Bitcoin for just $10 (plus a $2 fee to buy bitcoin if you need it). Plus, there is a chance of growing that bitcoin to even more if you want to invite a few friends to this Bitcoin Social Network, Funding Union, or invite no one and acquire Bitcoin a little slower as the company matrix fills. … and you/we pay nothing more then that first $10 in Bitcoin.

What Is Funding Union?

Funding Union is the next generation social media network powered by bitcoins offering the general public consistent sustainable bitcoin cash flow. We know its a new idea but once people start to understand, the potential is enormous. Try to understand the concept. this can be more then just a company and business this could be the next modern economy.You can build any business here, promote your business and meet like-minded people and you can get more Bitcoin here in a SocialMatrix for a one-time $10 worth of Bitcoin…. no matter what the value of bitcoin is now or in the future, you can have more of it and get started affordably.

Need Bitcoin?

Need Bitcoin? We can help you create a bitcoin wallet, and help you fund it with enough to get you started to earn much more bitcoin with FundingUnion. (The 7 FundingU Steps are here).

We Love Bitcoin Residual Income Streams and the Funding Union Social Matrix for Businesses

The Social Matrix Membership Includes :

  1. Only $10, one-time, Lifetime Membership
  2. 3×10 forced, company matrix. No holes, multiple accounts allowed!
  3. Even Free Members can earn 2-Tier Instant Referral Bonuses!
  4. Unlimited Fan Pages
  5. Groups

Just 5 people you invite to The Social Matrix earns you $2 in Bitcoin each and that covers the $10 cost. If each of them invited 1 person each to the Social Matrix, that is an additional $15 of Bitcoin. Even free members can earn this to help them upgrade to Social matric for just one $10 cost for life. then once your team is building up, you am open up more bitcoin income streams of monthly residual income. Read on to learn about Bit27 and Bit50 and a video to give you the big picture.

The SocialMatrix is first and foremost the Gateway into our Community… through which free members must pass in order to gain access to all of the features and benefits which await them inside. While it is structured as a giant matrix and while, over time as members continue to swell the ranks of our community, $5 of the $10 upgrade fee will find its way up the levels in the form of SocialMatrix Earnings but… consider that icing on the cake… Here is a Partial view of Net profits by level (if you refer no one): $5 – $40 – $1200 – $7700 – $72000 and grow exponentially to ever more impressive amounts of bitcoin. There are more ways of acquiring bitcoin and multiple residual income streams as well with FundingUnion. For now, you may like to watch this video I hosted of the first release of the Bit27 and Bit50 income opportunity and earning plan. More Benefits of Funding Union Include:

[☛ 100% Bitcoin
[☛ We are building the next modern economy with the tools, the pages and groups and social network along with bitcoin the new way to send money anonymously, its a new revolution in the economy.
[☛ A New Economy Center; More then just a company and business this could be the next modern economy.
[☛ FREE options to earn Bitcoin!
[☛ Unique Multi-Matrix structure with Multi-Tier Referral Bonuses & Leadership Bonuses
[☛ Fully automated instant payments and upgrades.
[☛ Automated instant Peer to Peer Matrix payments.
[☛ Unique Viral Social Build – helps you build other businesses & interests.
[☛ Potential income extends into the Millions
[☛ Low One Time out-a-pocket $10 worth of Bitcoin
[☛ Need Bitcoin To get started?… we can help for just $12 here.

Did you Join Neonymous and Want to Move To Funding Union?

Click here to open a new page for info on this transition to FundingUnion from Neonymous. Neonymous is no more and has now become FundingUnion.

Tips for Sign up at Funding Union

Wait for your referrer to send you their Funding Union link and sign up. Here is Julie’s Funding Union link. You will need to join with the email address you use to login to your Coinbase. And creating a Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet account is easy (and free). How? Just follow the next 7 Steps next …

7 Steps to Join Funding Union

Welcome To Funding Union Steps To Fund Your Bitcoin Wallet

This page is to help the Team get Bitcoins fast and sign up for a Bitcoin Wallet in preparation for joining the first Bitcoin Social Network: Funding Union.

Funding Union is a way to Fund a Wallet with Bitcoin for just $12

…and a way to acquire much more of this new currency, Bitcoin

… and a way to Build Permanent Teams, Social Dreams and Income Streams



Only Invite Friends and People You Like To Work With.

Qualify Them. Can You Communicate Easily?

Get Skype Support

Funding Union is a Social Network Business. Please be in touch and communicate with your Referrer and Sponsor (preferably on Skype and Skype Rooms). On our team we do things differently. We support our team. We are family. Do not sign up unless you can communicate with your sponsor please. Get in touch with us. Funding Unionis a social business. Only invite people you want to work with.

Seven Steps for New Funding Union Signups

Here is a brief list of what we will do in the 7 Signup Steps. Each step in this brief list, has a link to help you jump down to the “How to” details below. Just click the ‘Jump ‘links on each step, and work through them each very quickly.

  1. Step 1. Bitcoin Discovery on Skype to learn more about Bitcoin.Click here to Jump there.
  2. Step 2. Create a Bitcoin Wallet Account with Coinbase if you do not have one yet.
    Click here to Jump there.
  3. Step 3. Sign up for Funding Union.
    Click here to Jump there.
  4. Step 4. Fund Your Wallet – Get Bitcoins Fast From Our Team Provider.
    Click here to Jump there.
  5. Step 5. At Funding Union, Activate your SocialMatrix.
    Click here to Jump there.
  6. Step 6. Share Your Link.
    Click here to Jump there.
  7. Step 7. Your Bitcoin Social Network Profile.
    Click here to Jump there.

…below you will find details of each step in its own paragraph.

So Whats a Bitcoin?

Need More info on Bitcoins?

This is step 1. Learn about Bitcoins. Shall we share our bitcoin discoveries on Skype?

Discover More About Bitcoins & Their Amazing Value and Story

Step 1. Discover Bitcoins on Skype

I created a new Skype Support for the 7 Steps

Watch this video
and get “Bitcoin Discoveries on Skype”. A Skype series to help you to be in the know and stay current on Bitcoins click here to subscribe. We will Skype each other what we discover together after you confirm your subscription to this skype list.


Before you Join Funding Union You Need a Bitcoin Wallet Account

Step 2. Create a Bitcoin Wallet Account here at Coinbase if you do not have one yet or use your referrers link.

Create a Bitcoin Wallet account if you do not have one already. We found coinbase.com is easier and has lower fees. You NEED to have a coinbase Wallet for Funding Union because it is 100% Bitcoin. You will use your email address you use to create your Coinbase account when you then go to create a Funding Union account. So make a Coinbase account first before joining Funding Union.

“How to” for creating a Coinbase Wallet is the next Funding Union signup step….


VERY Important Tips!
Be sure to SAVE these somewhere safe …

  • Email Address Used to Sign Up Coinbase
  • Your Coinbase Password

Please give us your Coinbase addresses in your Support Skype room. We will create a Private Skype Room For you and for your Team. Please ask me Julie Wolf Skype Coach to create one for you if you do not have one yet, so we can help your direct sign ups if you choose. We like Teamwork!


Step 3. Sign up for Funding Union

  1. Join Free using your Coinbase email address.

    Sign up from your Referrer’s Funding Union link if you haven’t yet. You can join for free and have a look around even connet with new people. Remember it is a place to meet entrepreneurs and find many very targeted interesting people.

  2. As a free member, once you like what you see, you can also invite people and earn for referring others.
  3. Once you Buy Points with Bitcoin, a one time $10 worth, you will then be part of the Bitcoin SocialMatrix.
  4. So next we will Fund your Coinbase with the $10 worth of Bitcoin you will need …
  5. First, be sure to have your referrer add you to the Team Skype room or join this Funding Union Questions Skype room here to get help and ask questions. We can add you to your own Team Skype room (I will make one for you too if you like), … Do Ask the person who invited you to add you to the Team Skype Room AFTER you join please. OK?


Step 4. Fund Your Wallet – Get Bitcoins Fast From Our Team Provider

Send an Email to Get Bitcoins Fast From Our Funding Union Team Bitcoin Provider.

You need a fast way to get Bitcoins into your (new) Bitcoin Wallet. Follow these steps for your Aloha Team Funding Team Bitcoin Provider to Fund your Bitcoin wallet. Prepare the following email and send it as soon as you join Funding Union.

    • Step 4.1. Start an Email Message:
      To : Yana <kaimanayana@gmail.com>
      Subject:For Funding Union
    • Step 4.2 Include Your email address you use with Coinbase and also include…
    • Step 4.3 Your Funding Union Username and …
    • Step 4.4. Your Referrers username (or the end of their link or whole link), then…
    • Step 4.5. Say in the email that you are about to do the bitcoin funding step (send to Yana’s PayPal the following amounts [PM] Yana Svara: right so… for SocialMatrix upgrade… $12.50 for $10.50 worth of btc
      for $27 wotth of btc, they can send $30, if they do both at once then they want $39 or $40, they need to add $5
    • Step 4.6. Send the email to Yana.


*Note: Yana Skyped me 2-19-14: for Aloha Funding ( for sending you Bitcoin), she prefers the email address connected to your Coinbase Account. Also for Funding Union, use the same email address used for login to Coinbase, otherwise they will create a Coinbase account for you. Tip: Have your signups use your Coinbase link first, if they do not have a Coinbase account yet. BEFORE joining Funding Union.

    • Step 4.7. Next you will need to send $12.50 (the $2 covers any fees and fluctuation in bitcoin values) to our Funding Union Aloha Team Bitcoin Provider via PayPal. One of the benefits of joining our team is we help you start with Funding your Coinbase wallet with $10.50 of bitcoin for the smallest fee possible.


  • Step 4.8. Send your payment via PayPal to: kaimanayana@gmail.com Choose the Friends/Family Gift option to bypass PayPal fees (unless you’re paying directly with a credit card through PayPal, in which case a small fee will probably be unavoidable) 

    DO NOT mention Funding Union…
    DO NOT mention Bitcoins and
    DO NOT put your Bitcoin Receiving Address…

    PayPal does not like us to use them to buy/sell Bitcoins so just put in the PayPal message your Funding Union USERName and NOTHING else.

    VERY IMPORTANT! In the comment Section, put ONLY your Referrers name and your own Funding Union Username … ONLY!

  • Step 4.9. You Can also Copy the Transaction Details to us in your Skype Support Room I make for you and your team.

Communication, Coordination and Skype Support. Are You In a Skype Room?

Because you sent that email, you will be sent Bitcoin. Check your Wallet in an hour or 3, it may take over night at most, to see if bitcoins have been added. Be sure you are in a Skype room to let us know you have done the above to be funded. Skype (or call or Facebook, etc) the person who invited you to add you a Support Skype room or a Team Skype room. Get invites to Funding Union Team Skype Rooms here.


Step 5. Funding Union SocialMatrix


  • Once your Coinbase has been funded with bitcoins, you then Buy Points to be part of the Social Matrix (company wide filled matrix). Inside Funding Union click Account and Buy Points (scroll down the right). Here is a 2 min video of the upgrade process (remember to click on Account – not mentioned in video).


Buy Points at Funding Union

IMPORTANT: After Buying Points, please click the blue button that says Return to Funding Union:

After clicking that blue button (above), then click Account and scroll down to where you see the red membership words “SocialMatrix” :

When you buy points, the new Funding Union and Coinbase automation will send Bitcoins to 3 people. We will go over the pay plan later, mean time…

Q: What does it cost to be in the Bitcoin Social Matrix called Funding Union?

A: $10 in bitcoin.

<<< $5 goes to pay the person you fall under in the Social Matrix, $2 goes to your Direct Sponsor (the one who referred you) and $3 goes to the person who Referred your Direct Sponsor. That 1st $5 paid to the company Social Matrix is all we are talking about here : Partial view of Net profits by level: $5 – $40 – $1200 – $7700 – $72000 and grow exponentially to ever more impressive amounts of bitcoin.

NOTE: The first profit comes from getting paid $10 from the 9 people on your 2nd level ($90 – $50 to upgrade you I think = $40 profit to you). This is a great team build incentive to invite people who will invite 3 or more. Read this new page, The Pay Plan is there… well the 1st 5 levels of the 10 anyway…We are working hard to update.

Step 6. Share Your Funding Union link

Be sure to use the full url with your id at the end to refer people. Use my bitcoin blossom blog posts to help people get setup and for ad copy and your profile Descriptions too. Click here for the 4 Steps to get Started. Keep reading to learn how to fill out your profile before you promote your link…

Step 7. Your Bitcoin Social Network Profile at Funding Union

TIP: Also upload your picture under the “Avatar” link (I noticed it is not in profile) and fill in a description. You can even add a text link. In my description, I invited people to my Bitcoin Discovery on Skype.

Do finish filling in your profile. Click Account to find the Avatar upload area and crop to fit ($10 Social matrix members only). Free and SocialMatrix members can fill in their profile with images and your profile Description. Edit under Account. Barrow from this blog to make your description. See mine? Ask in the Skype room for the shared Google doc for ad copy and Funding Union profile Description ideas.

Oh yeah. Be sure to give us Your referral Link with ID and username in your Skype Support Room. your coinbase email address would be good to know to support you also.

oh yeah, oh yeah, (like PPS …wink), ask for Julie Wolf Skype Coach’s help with Skype Networking to get you going in sharing your link using skype permission methods. Remember, we are not in the business if convincing. We are in the business of listening and serving.

Join Our Funding Union Team Support & Skype Rooms

Again, be sure to get in our Funding Union Aloha Team Skype Room for better communication and teamwork as we build this together. I am excited to see you on Skype.

Congratulations! And Welcome to our SocialMatrix Funding Union Team. Now share with 3 or more friends you can work closely with and we will see you in the Funding Union Team Skype Room!

Coinbase Bitcoin Addresses & API

Coinbase Bitcoin Addresses Creation and Coinbase API Key + Secret Enabling

These are some ‘ How to’ posts “parts” I removed from Funding Union posts that show how to create Bitcoin addresses and also how to enable the coinbase API Key + Secret. I think they are still useful so I kept them here… just ignore references to neonymous or Funding Union if its not useful to you. The ‘How To’ info and images for learning Coinbase address creation and API enabling are still pretty good.

How To Create & Enable your Coinbase API for Automated Payments.

We will start with a Bitcoin receiving address, or bitcoin address. If you want Coinbase API help Click here to Jump there.

Create a Bitcoin Address with Coinbase Step by Step

You can watch these 2 videos:

and in case you want to see more detail
here is Yana doing a Coinbase VIDEO here. Then take the following steps to setup your coinbase and two (2) Bitcoin addresses.

Coinbase Step by Step

  1. Create a coinbase account coinbase account here.
  2. Create two ‘Bitcoin Addresses’ in Coinbase:
    Funding Union
    Aloha Funding
  3. a. Login and click Account Settings and add your name
  4. b. Create a ‘Bitcoin Address’ (the top menu item).
  5. c. Click ‘Create New Address’ (button on the right)
  6. d. Click the ‘Details’ button (right)
  7. e. Label it ‘From Funding Union‘. Skip callback url, its not needed.
  8. f. Save changes.
  9. g. Create one more New Address and Label it “Aloha Funding“.

Coinbase API Key Steps.

How To Create & Enable your Coinbase API for Automated Payments.

Make sure you have a Coinbase account. Then enable your Coinbase API. There are 3 short videos in the Tutorial Section here. In the first video, Imi shows you how to find and use your coinbase API Key.

Step by Step Funding Union Coinbase API Instructions

Here is the NEW step by step Funding Union Coinbase API instructions in writing and pictures. (NOTE: In early Feb 2014 Coinbase changed the process of creating and enabling the Coinbase API).

  1. Step 1. Sign in (or sign up and sign in) to Coinbase here
  2. Step 2. Click Account Settings in the left sidebar.
  3. Coinbase_AP Account Setting

  4. Step 3. Click API at the top menu (next to Security).
  5. Coinbase_API

  6. Step 4. Click +New API Key
  7. Coinbase_API_New_API_Key

  8. Step 5. Give Your Login Password here…
  9. New Coinbase_API

  10. Step 6. On this ‘Create API Key’ page here, check all Permissions then click Create (change nothing else, this makes API Key + Secret).
  11. Coinbase_Create API Key Permissions

  12. Step 7. Click Enable on the right.
  13. Coinbase_API_Enable_Key+Secret

  14. Step 8. You will see this ‘API Key details’ window pop up asking you to check your email to enable your API key …
    Coinbase_API_Verification_Code check email pop up

    Email From: Coinbase.
    Subject: Your API key verification code:

  15. Coinbase_API_Verification_Code_Email

  16. Step 9. Open the email and Copy the Verification Code:
  17. Coinbase_API_Copy_Verification_Code From Email

  18. Step 10. In Coinbase* paste it here and Click Verify. (*Tip: Not for use at Funding Union!)
  19. Coinbase_API Paste_Verification_Code

  20. Step 11. Click the partially visible Red Code* to reveal your FULL API Key + Secret. *Note: Do not right click the red code (as if to copy). Do left click and give login password again.
  21. Coinbase_API_Click_Red_code_(NOT_right_click_copy)

  22. Step 12. Copy API Key + Secret to paste into the Funding Union Site.
  23. Coinbase_API_Key_and_Secret

  24. Step 13. Back to Funding Union (NA) : Copy This Coinbase API Key and Coinbase Secret to Paste it into your Funding Union Payment Details fields here…
  25. Coinbase_API_Funding_Union_Pyament_API_Key+Secret

  26. Step 14. Buy Points. Once you Add your API Key to your Funding Union site, you then ‘Buy Points’. (There may be a few more step here, so call me on skype and we will screen Share, if needed.)Buy Points
  27. Step 15. IMPORTANT! After you ‘Buy Points’, you must return to Funding Union in order to complete your upgrade. Double check this by going to Account at the top right of your page (see image above) and scrolling down to ACCOUNT CONTROL – does it say:

    “Membership: SocialMatrix” in red letters? If so, you’re IN! Yay!!!

  28. Funding_Union_Membership__SocialMatrix

  29. Step 16. Share & Promote With Your Link. Full automation is now in place. Share your precious link with the world freely. Also, send your link to your Direct Referrals (from Neonymous) with these above instructions or use this link: http://bitcoinblossom.com/funding-union/.
  30. coinbase_ Your Funding Union link

  31. – Create New Address
  32. – Details
  33. – Label
  34. – Save Change
  35. – Bitcoin Addresses

This 2nd one is your Bitcoin Address that we will send your first Bitcoins to if we are helping you get bitcoin quickly. Aloha Funding is our Team Bitcoin Provider. We will also need the email you use with Coinbase. If we are helping you with funding your Wallet, so you can “upgrade” in Funding Union and pay your sponsor with in 24 hours of joining, keep this address handy in that text file also.

Step 3. Create & Enable your Coinbase API for Automated Payments

Click here for Coinbase API help. This will open a new browser tab so you can return here. Go create and enable your Coinbase API + Secret, needed for joining and getting paid and buying points at Funding Union.