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There are many bitcoin Wallet sites to receive and send bitcoin. Lets explore one of them called Blockchain.

BLOCKCHAIN Bitcoin Wallet

Before you set up your Blockchain account…
(wait) VERY Important Tips!
Be sure to save these! and save where safe and also handy.


  • Wallet Recovery Mnemonic (BlockChain only, not needed in Coinbase, very important!)
  • Identifier
  • Password
  • 2 Bit Coin Addresses

Steps to Creating Bitcoin addresses at Blockchain

  • Create an account at https://blockchain.info
  • Login and Go to “Recieve Money” and make a New address.
  • Click on “Receive Money” at the top,
  • Click “New Address” and Label it with the name of the sender: Neonymous (for example)

Blockchain vs Coinbase

I prefer Coinbase as a Bitcoin Wallet. Its simpler to use, has less fees, its faster and allow you to add a note or message to a bitcoin address. Plus Coinbase pays you for referring others. (Skip here if you want Coinbase set up steps and also watch demo videos for Coinbase.)

As my knowledge of Blockchain Blossoms, I will add more about Blockchain here.