Neonymous to FundingUnion Transition

Neonymous membership has ceased to exist.

Neonymous membership has ceased to exist. Many of us will miss the “red pill” and matrix image.

Start Over At Funding Union

They were not able to move the membership database over so we all signed up again at FundingUnion. Please read this post before you do. Then read why FundingUnion is so much better here.

Did You Join Neonymous and Want to Move To Funding Union?

From the Team Skype Room…
Make sure you join from your Original REFERRER.. not your Sponsor.. (unless it was the same person) 😉

Julie Wolf – Skype Coach: We will work on refunds but its not that much – $10 in bitcoin. And Yana will still help us Fund with a PayPal exchange … You can jump to the ‘Bitcoin Funding Steps’ here, and those will let you know how to get the $10 in bitcoin.

New Bitcoin Payment Automation at Funding Union

The Good news is the new site, Funding Union, will automate the payments using the Coinbase API. Kerri walked me through it and it is sooo much easier now. I can do the same for you in a Skype call or Teamviewer session.

No worries! Its easy. Follow the steps, videos and pictures here on my 7 steps.

Instant Bitcoin Payment Automation with Ease Now In Funding Union

I believe this is a very positive move. This will be a matrix that fills automatically and upgrades will be automatic without the extra steps of bitcoin addresses and API key stuff. And still we are paid instantly in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Refunds from Neonymous To Funding Union

  • Refund your people who are joining you in Funding Union who paid you bitcoin for Neonymous and ask for your refund from those you paid. Including Level 2. If you need bitcoins, Yana and Aloha Funding will help. Instructions are here..
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