Coinbase Bitcoin Addresses & API

Coinbase Bitcoin Addresses Creation and Coinbase API Key + Secret Enabling

These are some ‘ How to’ posts “parts” I removed from Funding Union posts that show how to create Bitcoin addresses and also how to enable the coinbase API Key + Secret. I think they are still useful so I kept them here… just ignore references to neonymous or Funding Union if its not useful to you. The ‘How To’ info and images for learning Coinbase address creation and API enabling are still pretty good.

How To Create & Enable your Coinbase API for Automated Payments.

We will start with a Bitcoin receiving address, or bitcoin address. If you want Coinbase API help Click here to Jump there.

Create a Bitcoin Address with Coinbase Step by Step

You can watch these 2 videos:

and in case you want to see more detail
here is Yana doing a Coinbase VIDEO here. Then take the following steps to setup your coinbase and two (2) Bitcoin addresses.

Coinbase Step by Step

  1. Create a coinbase account coinbase account here.
  2. Create two ‘Bitcoin Addresses’ in Coinbase:
    Funding Union
    Aloha Funding
  3. a. Login and click Account Settings and add your name
  4. b. Create a ‘Bitcoin Address’ (the top menu item).
  5. c. Click ‘Create New Address’ (button on the right)
  6. d. Click the ‘Details’ button (right)
  7. e. Label it ‘From Funding Union‘. Skip callback url, its not needed.
  8. f. Save changes.
  9. g. Create one more New Address and Label it “Aloha Funding“.

Coinbase API Key Steps.

How To Create & Enable your Coinbase API for Automated Payments.

Make sure you have a Coinbase account. Then enable your Coinbase API. There are 3 short videos in the Tutorial Section here. In the first video, Imi shows you how to find and use your coinbase API Key.

Step by Step Funding Union Coinbase API Instructions

Here is the NEW step by step Funding Union Coinbase API instructions in writing and pictures. (NOTE: In early Feb 2014 Coinbase changed the process of creating and enabling the Coinbase API).

  1. Step 1. Sign in (or sign up and sign in) to Coinbase here
  2. Step 2. Click Account Settings in the left sidebar.
  3. Coinbase_AP Account Setting

  4. Step 3. Click API at the top menu (next to Security).
  5. Coinbase_API

  6. Step 4. Click +New API Key
  7. Coinbase_API_New_API_Key

  8. Step 5. Give Your Login Password here…
  9. New Coinbase_API

  10. Step 6. On this ‘Create API Key’ page here, check all Permissions then click Create (change nothing else, this makes API Key + Secret).
  11. Coinbase_Create API Key Permissions

  12. Step 7. Click Enable on the right.
  13. Coinbase_API_Enable_Key+Secret

  14. Step 8. You will see this ‘API Key details’ window pop up asking you to check your email to enable your API key …
    Coinbase_API_Verification_Code check email pop up

    Email From: Coinbase.
    Subject: Your API key verification code:

  15. Coinbase_API_Verification_Code_Email

  16. Step 9. Open the email and Copy the Verification Code:
  17. Coinbase_API_Copy_Verification_Code From Email

  18. Step 10. In Coinbase* paste it here and Click Verify. (*Tip: Not for use at Funding Union!)
  19. Coinbase_API Paste_Verification_Code

  20. Step 11. Click the partially visible Red Code* to reveal your FULL API Key + Secret. *Note: Do not right click the red code (as if to copy). Do left click and give login password again.
  21. Coinbase_API_Click_Red_code_(NOT_right_click_copy)

  22. Step 12. Copy API Key + Secret to paste into the Funding Union Site.
  23. Coinbase_API_Key_and_Secret

  24. Step 13. Back to Funding Union (NA) : Copy This Coinbase API Key and Coinbase Secret to Paste it into your Funding Union Payment Details fields here…
  25. Coinbase_API_Funding_Union_Pyament_API_Key+Secret

  26. Step 14. Buy Points. Once you Add your API Key to your Funding Union site, you then ‘Buy Points’. (There may be a few more step here, so call me on skype and we will screen Share, if needed.)Buy Points
  27. Step 15. IMPORTANT! After you ‘Buy Points’, you must return to Funding Union in order to complete your upgrade. Double check this by going to Account at the top right of your page (see image above) and scrolling down to ACCOUNT CONTROL – does it say:

    “Membership: SocialMatrix” in red letters? If so, you’re IN! Yay!!!

  28. Funding_Union_Membership__SocialMatrix

  29. Step 16. Share & Promote With Your Link. Full automation is now in place. Share your precious link with the world freely. Also, send your link to your Direct Referrals (from Neonymous) with these above instructions or use this link:
  30. coinbase_ Your Funding Union link

  31. – Create New Address
  32. – Details
  33. – Label
  34. – Save Change
  35. – Bitcoin Addresses

This 2nd one is your Bitcoin Address that we will send your first Bitcoins to if we are helping you get bitcoin quickly. Aloha Funding is our Team Bitcoin Provider. We will also need the email you use with Coinbase. If we are helping you with funding your Wallet, so you can “upgrade” in Funding Union and pay your sponsor with in 24 hours of joining, keep this address handy in that text file also.

Step 3. Create & Enable your Coinbase API for Automated Payments

Click here for Coinbase API help. This will open a new browser tab so you can return here. Go create and enable your Coinbase API + Secret, needed for joining and getting paid and buying points at Funding Union.

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