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Funding Union Get Started Guide

Welcome to Our Aloha Team Funding Union

Congratulations for taking the first step to change you’re life for the better with bitcoin.

We are all working together to fill one massive social matrix here at Funding Union, rather than everyone needing to bring in 3 people. If you do like to invite people you get more Bitcoin faster, of course. And one of the perks of joining our team is we help people get started with Bitcoin for just $12,… we help them setup a Coinbase Wallet, (important for automation), and even help fund your (for many their first) bitcoin wallet with bitcoin.


Imagine, thousands coming in under you. We had over 7000 members now moving to the new Funding Union site, with a better more automated system and better leadership. Do not delay. Even joining free has benefits in bitcoin.

First step is to click JOIN in the top right corner here and fill in your information.

To Join Funding Union with Bitcoin You Need an Bitcoin Wallet.

How do I Create a Bitcoin Wallet?

If you do not know what your api key is, click here for my tutorial. There are also more Tutorials in the top menu with helpful videos.

Below are the things you will need to move forward with Funding Union.

  1. – First. A coinbase account.
  2. – Second. $10 in bitcoin at the current exchange value. Click here for the 7 Funding Steps for help with that.
  3. – Third. Once you’ve gotten funded (step 2) with bitcoin and signed in here, go to your account page and buy points, $10 worth.
  4. – Lastly. Make sure you press the button to return to Funding Union, Inc once you process the payment.
  5. Funding_Union_buy_Points_07_Return_To_FundingUion

And that is it 🙂 Your in. Just Skype me for support.

Skype Support for My Funding Union Team


Oh yeah… one more thing. Be sure to connect with me and our Skype Room Support for Team Aloha by subscribing here. This will send you Skype support follow up and make us contacts on Skype.