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You and we together can make the world better by making a living with what we love, our personal passion. Check out all the niches and passions to choose from 100 and growing. Let me show you. Skype me! Join Julie’s Bitcoin Skype Room and Skype me (ask for Julie) to show you the 100 categories to help you build a business with your own passion and with our communities at Community Treasures.

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Have You Started Earning with Community Treasures Yet?

Today We Congratulate All members who have followed the instructions to
‘GO LIVE’ and used the sign-up page to refer people.
Community Treasures You've Got Pay
The instructions are two very easy tasks that are really helping us to keep building the CT ‘Bitcoin’.
First task is enter your simulation account at
second is purchase your live position with Bitcoin and start earning as we build our platform around you, that’s it.

It has taken us several months to get here and now the referral Payment portion of CT is operational and ready to go.

The first referral payments are taking place

If You are on the list (check your email ) …
It’s Time For You To Get Paid. And if you havnt yet, Join Community Treasures Here & Now.