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Neonymous is a social site where we can buy advertising with bitcoin. When we invite 3 friends to buy ony $5 worth of advertising at Neonymous, and show them how to do the same, with our member to member bitcoin purchases, our bitcons will blossom. Here is an image of how you can earn bitcoin…

Neonymous pay plan

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7 Steps to Fund your Bitcoin Wallet and Join Neonymous Team Skype Rooms

We hand Pick our team members. If you want real support in building a bitcoins purchased advertising and bitcoin blossoming team building team on Skype, join us. Click here for my 7 Steps to join our Neonymous Team and Support Neonymous Skype room.

If you are in the US, you know how our payment processors are freezing our money? Even Payza now. They can not take our Bitcoin!

Low Risk at $5 of Bitcoin Once

Red or Blue Pill.. the choice is yours but remember… we’re only talking about a $5 investment of bitcoins, to earn tens of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin..

Lost Bitcoins

$7.5 million worth of Bitcoin Lost

Bitcoin watchers have you heard the story of James Howells lost 7 thousand bitcoins? That is $7.5 million worth!

He inadvertently threw away $7.5 million worth of Bitcoin when he disposed of his old computer hard drive with 7,500 peices of this online cryptocurrency. This Welshman purchased bitcoin in 2009, soon after bitcoins became available, for less than $6. James Howells now is often found digging through a British dump.

Bitcoins Programmed To Self-Generate Until 21 Million Total

The full article in mashable explains that the anonymous creator has programmed Bitcoin to self-generate new units of the currency at a gradually decreasing pace during the coming years. Once 21 million bitcoins have been virtually minted, there will be no more. That means the 7,500 bitcoins tossed out by James Howell can never be replaced. Shocking!

There are numerous circumstances under which bitcoins can be permanently lost

His plight isn’t as unique as it first seems, though. There are numerous circumstances under which bitcoins can be permanently lost.

bitcoin my precious
Keep your bitcoins safe. Here are my posts about how to get bitcoins free.

I’ve Been Bit

Welcome to Bitcoin Blossom. My first bitcoin domain. We have discovered bitcoin and are addicted. More to come. Not sure what I will focus on yet. So for now this site will be about everything I discover about Bitcoin and crypto currency. Oh you want I should give you an action to take? OoooK. You twisted my bitcoin.

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